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15 - 23 October 2023

Giovanni Cultrera

giovanni cultrera

Born in Catania in 1970, where he attended the Superior Institute for Musical Studies ?V. Bellini” and under the guide of Giuseppe Cultrera he graduated with the highest mark in the musical discipline of piano. He continued his studies at the International Academy “Euterpe” under the guide of Boris Petrushansky. Here he obtained the three-year diploma of “high piano training? with the highest mark. He has graduated also with the highest mark in Law.  He was greatly inspired by the opportunities which he had to perform with V. Gornostaeva, J. Demus, D. Zechlin, A. Jasinskij, S. Perticaroli, C. Kladaky, W. Leyetchkiss, A. Mullenbach, E. Sollima. He also graduated with the higest mark and ?lode? in ?Giurisprudenza?.

Since 1992 he achieved 30 national and international musical awards. As a soloist he performed over 1000 concerts in 30 different countries. Particularly important were the following events: Washington (Lang Recital Hall, Levine Music); Ottava (S.D.A.); Paris (Auditorium S. Germain des Prés, Les Concerts de la Cité, Auditorium Maurice Hoana, Conservatoire F. Chopin, Maison de l’Europe de Paris D.P.D.A., Festival “L’Heure musicale au Marais?- FNAC, “Laureats des concours internationaux”, “Accueil Musicale de Paris, Eglise S. Merry, H. de Coulange de Paris, Cathedrale S. Croix des Armenienses), London (Classic Recital Hall), Berlin (Sda foreign ministry Auditorium,  IX Havellandische Musikfestspiele, III Festival Schloss Nennhausen, Ribbek-Brandenburg); Reykjav?k (Festival Klassik in Vatnsmyrin); Moscow (V State Library, S. Petersburg’s National Theatre of Comedy); Kiev (The Scientist and Artist Theatre, the National Museum of Literature, the State Conservatory); Budapest (Academy Liszt); Prague (Convention Centre, Konzerteum); Vienna (A.G.M.A. Zeitbuhne Theatre, V St. Polten Festival); Bucarest (IIC, Theatre and Palace of Culture, Arad State Philharmonic, S. Celibidache Auditorium); Athens (“Pallas” National Theatre, New Xorodia Orchestra, State Conservatory, Paleof?liro Conservatory in Athens, ?Romanos o Melodos Festival”, Italian Institute of Culture Theatre, International Music Festival, City Hall – Salonicco’s Conservatory Graduates Association, Pireo University, National Theatre Aristotle, Planetarium Theatre); Warsaw; Tunis (Italian Embassy, Acropolium); Buenos Aires (Beethoven Conservatory, Fundacion – La Plata, Auditorium Roma, Ciclo de conciertos Quilmes; Bogot? (National University of Bogot?; University de Uniandinos, Conservatory of Tolima); Montevideo (Festival International de piano de Montevideo, Teatro Solis, Alliance francaise); Tokyo (Academy Liszt-Japan); Seul (International Festival of Seul); Rome (Barberini Palace, Ghione Theatre, Marcello Theatre, “Concerts in Piazza Navona”, “Festival of the Nations”, “Roman Nights at the Palatino”, International Academy of Culture, Vittoriano, Villa Torlonia, “Musica e musica” Associations, “Panartis, Le cento arti”, ?Forze armate?, ?Sala Baldini?).

He received many favorable reviews from both the public and well known critics during important musical festivals in New York, Chicago, Montr?al, Quilmes, Melbourne, Punta de l?Este, Rio de Janeiro, Ibagu?, Osaka, Kobe, Colonia, Bonn, Heidelberg, Innsbruck, Zurigo, Losanna, Brigg, Martigny, Novi Sad, Herceg Novi, Menton, Bordeaux, Chateau de l?Hermitage, Liegi, Nantes, Marseille, Saragozza, Sofia. He greatly applied himself in his education. Previously he taught principal piano at the A. Corelli Conservatory in Messina, and at the present time is employed at the Superior Institute of High Culture “V. Bellini” (High Musical and Artistic Education). He also teaches “Executive Practice and Repertory” and ?Law and organization and management of concerts? at the Music University in Catania; and frequently holds master classes and conferences (Liszt Academy-Japan in Kobe, Central University of Music in Kiel, Athens’ First National Conservatory, European Academy “Aristotle” in Trikala, International Centre “Diplarachou” in Athens, International Convention on ?how to interpret the twentieth century” hosted by the University of Budapest Pecs, A. Nezhdanova Conservatory in Odessa. Luxemburg Academy, International Seiler Piano Academy Rhodes, Troina-Enna Festival, Montevideo Conservatory). Lastly, he held the positions of president and sat on the panel in more than 50 national and international musical contests.

Among the latest and most important acknowledgments he has received, are worth to be mentioned; in 1997 the “Golden Medal” for music activity, and in the 2005 X.O.N. ?Xorod?a Neos Orchestra? in Athens, “encounters with the artist” hosted by FNAC in Paris; the Berhesit Prize awarded in 1997 by the International Academy of Culture in Rome, the 3 concerts of the 1998 “International Music Fest” in Salonicco (European Capital of Culture), in which he represented Italy; the “2000 Mention for artistic merits” awarded by the Quebec’s direction of the Italian Blind Association of the Catania’s province; the invitation received by the Foreign Affair Office of Bonn for the 2001 “Capo Circeo” award; the 2005 international award of UNESCO, awarded by Greece, and the Public Education’s Golden Medal; the 2005 Refice Foundation award (Lazio) for concert activity, the 2006 “Aurora” Award (Catania); the 2006 “Aquila d’argento” award (Viagrande, Catania); the 2007 Sicily Awards, “Cinema-Tv-Teatro-Cultura? (Messina); ?Ragusa award in the world 2008?, ?Prize Assessorato alla cultura ? didattica 2009?Catania; Prize ?Parlami della luce 2009? Catania, ?Prize teacher of Catania 2009?, ?Melbourne Famiglia Siciliana 2009?, ?Prize La forza della vita 2010-Catania?, ?International X° Prize Danzuso 2011?, ?La Provincia di Catania? etc.

He records for the “Eco-dischi” (Mi) and holds the artistic direction of various Italian Concert Season. He is artistic director of many national festivals and of A.Gi.Mus in Rome.